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Why digital marketing is important in 2023?

The importance of digital marketing

If you are one of those people who still do not believe in the power of digital marketing, we are here to convince you otherwise. So, first of all, let’s start with stating a few important facts of today’s global internet statistics:

  • According to Internetlivestats, Google nowadays processes around 3.5 billion search queries every day
  • There are around 2.3 billion active users on the Facebook platform
  • At the moment, Instagram counts more than 800 million active users
  • According to campaignmonitor, there are 235.6 billion e-mails sent/received daily in 2018

These numbers are not to be ignored. With so many daily internet users the digitalization of one’s business is a must. And it has to be done right in order to be effective in this vortex of different digital communications and competitors.

So next we’re going to talk about the 5 most important reasons why you need to implement digital marketing ASAP:


1. Creates countless possibilities for smaller businesses

The need for digital marketing is based on the option to choose your approach to marketing according to your budget in order to reach a wider audience at a smaller cost. Even many years back, getting your product advertised, particularly for smaller businesses was a separate and special task. The majority of the expensive types of marketing were out of reach for these small businesses and they only relied on the cheap level strategies, with a very low success rate.

Digital marketing can be tailor-made and relatively cheap. If you are determined to “attack” an already populated market, it is still possible to succeed in utilizing the right digital marketing techniques for your niche business.

2. Digital marketing is definitely Cost-Effective

Most small businesses are required to conserve their resources before they finally start profiting. Digital marketing offers them the opportunity to reach out to numerous customers simultaneously and at the same time at an affordable price. It is possible to plan your online marketing strategy in accordance with your budget and still get very good results.  If you don’t want to overextend your limited budget there is always a possibility to target your specific niche market whom you know will most likely value and appreciate the concept you offer.


3. Tracking the conversions and making use of them

The businesses which are using online marketing have the ability to measure the conversion rate in real-time. That’s identifying the portion of the audience who got transformed into leads and subscribers and eventually buying the service or product. SEO, e-mail marketing and social media marketing are great methods that have a higher conversion rate because they have the ability to create an effective connection with the users.

Also, it’s good to point that all of the traffic you might get on your site may not be useful therefore digital marketing helps you get in touch with the consumers who have the need for your type of service hence you’ll get much better conversions.

4. Potential to generate higher profits

Since the amount of money invested in digital marketing is much less than the conventional marketing and the ROI (Return on Investment) is much higher, the chances to generate income is much higher.

As an example from a case study by WordStream, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. This combined with the actual fact that the conversion rates with digital marketing are pretty high will open up countless possibilities for your business to start generating profits.  For businesses that are designing their marketing plans keeping the profit in mind, this means a faster approach towards the growth route they desire to be on.


5. Make your Brand more trustworthy

Gone are the days when bombarding your audience with ads was the way of getting their attention. If it ever got their attention…

Nowadays, many companies and brands are thoroughly inspected by the customers, so creating trust with them is of the utmost importance.

Every brand has the option to create their own content online which can provide meaningful value to its customers and hence build progressive brand awareness, credibility, and trust. So, publishing valuable, unique and inspiring content on multiple platforms is the way to go.




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