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New Decade, New Logo – how do you like it?

Hello ya’ all.

First, we’d like to wish you a very healthy and happy new year 2020. We hope this year to be very active, with lots of improvements and novelties from a digital marketing point of view.

To kick off this year in high spirits, we are delighted to announce our new logo.

Why we’ve changed the old logo


The reason behind our new logo is that we wanted to create more 3D like logo, while still resembling a cloud. Unlike the previous one, which nearly mirrored OneDrive’s logo, this one looks more authentic and clearly defines our agency’s motto: Sky’s the limit.

Additionally, you can notice that it resembles the infinity symbol meaning we’d go to the moon and back for our clients and exhaust all the options until we reach the goals.

The new logo also symbolizes a “link” between us and our customers – meaning we always grow together. You can also interpret it from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect, as a link building strategy.

Take a peek once more at our old logo, and tell us what you think? Every comment and remark is well appreciated.




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