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3 Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Website Traffic and Increase Conversions

The era of digital marketing has taken a huge leap over the last few years. Every business, service or product has a potential to be digitized. That’s good news, for those of you starting a new business. The bad news is that if you google for almost every product/service, you will find at least dozens of different brands. So here comes the hard question: How to beat your online competition?

The answer is simple (but not easy to do): You need an exceptional and consistent digital marketing strategy.

In this article, I’m not going into details about how to create your digital marketing strategy (I can just say it’s a very long and thorough process), but I will share with you my top 3 digital marketing techniques that can help your website attract more traffic and even increase your sales.


1. Adjust your articles for different social media channels 

The articles you’ll be creating for your website are of paramount importance. They serve your audience as free content by which you’ll be giving them free value.

More importantly, these articles should lead your prospects, consciously or subconsciously, closer to the need of (buying) your product.

So, let’s assume you have already created several compelling and relevant articles on your website. Next, you want to reach out to your audience and introduce them to your awesome articles.

So here comes the tricky part – you’ll be tempted to just copy-paste the article on all your social media platforms. And that’s the WRONG way to go. Do you know why? Because there are different users on different social media platforms, and every platform has its own environment. Therefore, adjusting your articles for each platform separately should give you the best results. For example, if you share your article on LinkedIn, you should come up with a more serious and professional approach. When you’re going to post your article on Facebook, it should be more fun and engaging.


2. Utilize quiz based system for generating qualitative leads

One of my favorite and most compelling systems for generating leads are quizzes.

I suppose all of you have done one or a few quizzes in the last 12 months, or at least most of you. Despite them being so attractive, interactive and fun, their main goal is to gather your personal information (at least your email).

Although, at first glance it looks like a simple thing to do, but creating and developing an in-depth and flawless quiz with every aspect covered takes a lot of research, testing and of course – determination.

When creating a quiz, the first thing to bear in mind is that it needs to be attractive. Without that, there won’t be any people taking the quiz in the first place. Afterward, you will develop a logical order of the quiz questions so they make sense. In the end, normally you will at least request for the user’s email. And with that, you can start leading him through the marketing funnel.

The best thing about quizzes is that you collect valuable information about your potential prospects which can help you segment them into different groups. That being said, with the disposable data, you can start creating customizable offers for your potential clients.

In my opinion, if utilized properly, quizzes can be one of the best weapons for your future marketing strategy.


3. Place your CTAs buttons across your website in a smart order

When users will be arriving on your website, the most important thing is to have them engaged. You can accomplish that with smart placement of CTAs.

In order to show you how it’s done, I will use Tony Robbin’s website, which is a perfect example. His website is about transforming people’s lives – helping them with their fundamental aspects of life.

So this is Tony’s top section homepage. You can see that his first and main CTA button is about getting people to take his life assessment test, which is free and extremely tempting to click. So probably most of his leads come exactly from this CTA. Just underneath this one, there is CTA for scheduling a call which can directly put users with the sales team.

If you go further down the page, there are “Learn more” CTAs which gives prospects additional free value.

Till the very end of the home page, there are a bunch of other CTAs which were implemented. There is “Read More” for Tony’s biography so people can learn more about their future coach.

Next, there is a section for success stories of famous people that collaborated with Tony which is meant to give him lots of credit. And not by accident, his next CTA is his direct link to his sales page.

Following his sales CTA, there are few more regarding his blog posts, featured videos, upcoming events, podcasts and subscription to his newsletter.

In practice, it might seem risky to put so many CTAs, as it might draw away the users from your website. But then again, every business/brand is different and everything should be done by testing and then adjusting according to the best results.

Final verdict:

The content of your webpages and articles are what will mesmerize and keep your prospects coming to your website. That’s why you need to maximize this element of your digital marketing strategy. And don’t forget to share the same popular content differently on different social platforms.

Creating interactive quizzes for your audience is what can fuel your lead generation system and with that your sales. Analyze what quiz platforms fit your preferences best and utilize it as best as you can.

In order for the audience to better navigate and stay engaged on your website, you normally use CTAs. The content, placement, timing and purpose of those CTAs is what makes them attractive. So try putting yourself in your user’s shoes and determine how would be the most optimal CTAs flow on your website.

Ultimately, combine these three digital marketing techniques and you will definitely see an increment in visits and sales.




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