Social Media Marketing


phase 1

Depending on your goals, we will determine on which social media platforms your business should be integrated. Simultaneously, we will create a buyer persona according to your business model and goals.

Phase 2

Next, the process of creating and developing your brand will be initiated.

Phase 3

Creation of various strategies specifically created for your needs.

Phase 4

We will gather all the data regarding the organic and paid traffic. There will be regular reports regarding this.

Other Packages 



Creative and talented copywriters is what you need. Let us be the voice of your brand in the digital world.


Analytics is the key ingredient for tailoring the best marketing strategy for your business. We use a wide range of tools so we can analyze everything.


Competition analysis

The point of competition analysis is to determine the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors so you can outperform them.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents a key factor for improving the visibility (positioning) of your Web Site in the search results.