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Kentaur Iskra
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Kentaur Iskra

With over 30 years of experience, our factory professionals produce the highest quality, most durable products on the market.

We are dedicated to make your metal construction easy and cost-effective.
Your premier choice for pre-fabricated metal buildings and heavy-duty frame structures.

Project Overview

The Mission

Final Results

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Project Overview

We immediately got to work on creating a new website for Kentaur Impex. The first step was to conduct a thorough analysis of their current website, including user experience, search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness. We discovered that the website had a number of problems that were causing the high bounce rate, including poor navigation, slow loading times, and outdated design.

To address these issues, we designed a new website that was modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. We also implemented various SEO on-page optimization techniques, such as keyword research, meta tags, and header tags, to help the website rank higher in search engine results.

The final result was a website that not only looked great, but also performed well in terms of user experience and search engine optimization. Kentaur Impex was extremely pleased with the new website, and we were able to significantly improve their bounce rate and online visibility.


The Mission

Our mission was to provide high-quality website design and development services, helping Kentaur Iskra to improve their online presence and reach their goals. Our main goal was to increase their visibility, reduce their bounce rate, and ultimately grow their business.


Final Results

We are proud to have accomplished our mission of providing Kentaur Iskra with a modern, mobile-friendly website that performs well in terms of user experience and search engine optimization. The new website has helped them improve their online presence, reduce the bounce rate, and ultimately grow their business. We look forward to continuing to partner with Kentaur Iskra on future projects so they can continue to increase their reach and build upon this success.


And Done!

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