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  • Website Design & Development
  • On-page and Off-page SEO & Analytics
  • Copywriting & Market Research
  • Logo design


This client came forward to us with an inquiry to design an Amazon affiliate website for reviews of various baby products. He wanted us to research the web market and find him the most demanding baby products.

We also designed a matching logo for the website.

The client was familiar with the importance of SEO, so he requested that we make thorough SEO research and implementation.

A copywriter from our team was also involved in this project, as this client needed a well written and captivating content.


First of all, we had to divide all baby products into categories. For that, we did extensive research on the trends and the market.

The design of the logo was also according to the latest trends and designs. Our designer put a great effort to come up with warm and comely colors.

For the website design, we followed a few steps in order to achieve the final version.

Using the Ahrefs software we’ve explored some relevant keywords that we used later on in our content writing. 


After thorough research, we’ve set four main categories encompassing all of the baby products.

Next, we’ve designed the logo and started conducting a plan for the structure and appearance of the website.

The final version of the website has appealing design from a UX perspective as well as easy-to-navigate UI.

The content for each product was originally written by our copywriters which we find actionable and clear.

All the content is SEO friendly, the meta titles and descriptions are finalized as yet, and the off-page SEO strategy is still an on-going assignment.


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