Website Analytics

Without analytics, everything we try to achieve won’t be visible (measurable). Some of the metrics can be deceiving. Let’s say you have like million likes on Facebook…but how many of those people actually visited your web-site, made a purchase or have performed particular action that matters to you?


People visiting your web-site. Traffic can originate from: organic search, direct search, paid link, social media etc.


These are the action people take on your web-site or landing page. Examples: signing for a newsletter (lead generation), downloading an e-book…etc.


This metric is mostly associated with social media. It tells you how engaging your posts are, for ex: likes, comments, shares, which ultimately leads to more loyal fans who are more likely to become customers.


This metric represents the ratio of people who clicked on your link to the total number of people who saw it. Basically, this metric tells you how well your ads are performing. Utilizing A/B testing is great here since it tells you which ad performs better.

Other Packages 

Web Design

When it comes to your Web Page, it represents the face of your company, so it is essential that your Web Site have all the positive aspects it needs.

Social Media

This is the place where you connect and interact with your customers. Let us represent your business in its best light.

Email Marketing

Create personalized e-mail campaigns, reach out to your prospects and let your customers take action. Build up your audience and see your business blossom.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents a key factor for improving the visibility (positioning) of your Web Site in the search results.